Floral Grained Colored Unity Sand: 1/2 pound (3/4 cups volume)

$ 2.99

Our Sand is non-toxic and contains no free silica or quartz. It's 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Dust Free and Allergy Free. The sand has a natural sparkle and is excellent for indoor and outdoor applications: Wet or Dry!  This is a larger grain (.4mm to .7mm) washable sand and is colorfast in water and sunlight.  Non-toxic

It is excellent for:

Weddings - Unity Ceremonies - Floral Arrangements – Centerpieces

Sand Art - Birthday Parties - Schools - Crafts 

Terrarium / Vivarium substrate:

• Holds moisture • Great for succulents and other hearty plants

   Reptile / Insect substrate: • Soft enough for digestion tract

• Holds heat and moisture, if required • Creates digging and burrowing behavior 

Practically any Application, Wet or Dry!

Our Sand is approximately 3/4 cups in Volume per 8oz bag.

Please note: Computer Monitors and lighting conditions vary, the colors of the sand may be slightly different than your monitor shows.

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